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and i don't know it just grew on us and we wanted to come back. >> good job peter. >> three, two, one. >> a 6-year-old girl. >> a girl, 12 and eight. >> it's been a very small community and then there was a flood a long time ago and a lot of families were put out. >> it was a scene of frantic desperation. hundreds of alvisa residents trying to save their homes from flooding. some people threw their bodies against the wall of the water trying to fight it back. >> we did see it on television. one of my daughter's her mother- in-law volunteered at the library and asked us to come out at christmas, that is how it started. they knew we had a fantasy. >> seeing their faces light up when they see santa is just something that, it breaks me up. >> you can choose whatever you want. >> it gives us such satisfaction. a gift that i think keeps giving to all of us. >> ready, big smile. ho, ho, ho. >> merry christmas. >> for many faiths this is a season of reflection. hanukkah is an eight day jewish holiday also known as the festival of lights. one temple in san francisco takes the lights of the man
's number ten. >> boats don't have seat belts and air bags for obvious reasons. you don't want to be trapped in a boat if it flips over, but in this case you almost wish you had them. this video is exclusive from lake tv. this is lake ozark, missouri. seven people were cruising around in a fountain speedboat when they came across an extra large wake. driver does his best to navigate it. >> wow! >> a whole group of people gets completely slams from side to side. you see the driver especially get flung to the deck of the boat. >> did anybody fall off? >> nobody fell off. five of the seven people were taken to the hospital for minor to moderate injuries. >> this was all from a wake created by another boat on the lake? >> just the way he hit the wake the angle or speed he did. it's incredible to see these people get toss around so quickly. >>f you see to the left of the driver, looks calm and peaceful. then it wasike bodythe driver j. >> they are like rag dolls. >> that girl in the purple bikini really gets the brunt of it. she hits her head on the side of the boat and her glasses go flying. >>
. our guest is dishing out tips on cutting the expense. why he says you don't have to be at the top of your class to find a top scholarship. and, let the holiday movie season commence. a review of some of the biggest and smallest flicks to hit the big screen in the coming months. nonprofit organizations are facing a big dilemna: many of their donors are elderly, in poor health and there are fewer of them each year, and there aren't enough new donors to pick up the slack. in our cover story, how one non-profit is using business strategies to make a difference. the privately-funded pritzker military library is one of chicago's best-kept secrets. "our biggest problem is no one knows we're here." but the pritzker is changing that, promoting social media to participate in live presentations on subjects you might think would be of little interest to the "connected generation" - the war of 1812's bicentential. "a friend of mine invited me. i had no idea about the war of 1812. it was a unique opportunity." pritzker prompts thousands of facebook hits, tweets and anything else kenneth clarke,
people don't want to go over the cliff, if we can avoid it. i think, whatever we accomplish, political victory to the president, hats off to him, he stood his ground and will get tax increases, maybe not 250 but upper income americans and the sad news is we have accomplished little, in terms of not becoming greece, that bill will not affect the debt situation and it will be a a political victory for the president and i hope we have courage of our convictions, when it comes to raise the debt ceiling to fight what we believe as republicans. hats off to the president, he won. >> chris: quick follow-up, before we turn to senator feinstein, you said you don't think your conservative colleagues in the senate will filibuster or set up a procedural roadblock, they'll vote to avoid going over the cliff. >> if mcconnell can't get 60% of us to vote for the deal it will be hard for boehner to get through the house and i will want to vote for it, though i don't like it them. country has a lot to the stake here. >> chris: senator feinstein, is senator graham right, will we get a deal. >> he's partia
. >> you can't! or at least tell them not to eat the hamburger before they go on the ride, you know. don't eat the burrito. >> the all you can eat vietnam buffet. >> do it after the ride. . >>> i want you guys to meet charlie. he is an american staffordshire terrier. this is in san francisco. that is where charlie lives. charlie is in danger of losing his family and his life. charlie was taken to a park where animals are allowed to run off leash. he got into an incident. police say charlie attacked a horse with a cop on his back. because he is a pit bull, charlie has been taken from his owner. >> oh, wow. that's a big gouge on the horse's thigh. >> the dog went after a horse with a cop on it. >> yes. >> oops. >> this is charlie's owner. he's really disappointed. >> i'm a little nervous but i'm trying to be optimistic. >> ktvu talked to the owner of charlie before a hearing where police were going to hear from the park's officer that was involved in the incident and the dog's owner. >> he was just completely covered by gashes, blood. the dog chased my horse for 1.6 miles. that's unheard o
that experience with me. >> merry christmas to all of the homeless around the world. don't ever give up on life. life is what comes at you and you have to make it at it comes. >> what is christmas? it's another day. it's another day. >> reporter: many visitors at the sir francis drake hotel and this legendary attraction greets people right at the door. >> welcome to the sir francis drake! >> i got started back in 1986. i graduated from san francisco school. >> i think there's 22 uniforms. >> how are you guys doing? nice to see. >> you 32 years? >> yes. >> that's a lot. >> good to see you guys. all right, guys. taxi? i will give you this one in a moment. here's a taxi for you. >> have a nice day. you carry up to 200 to 1,000 suitcases. >> here you go. >> okay. want this back here? >> taxi today? >> tom is the bomb. [laughter] already >> he is excellent. >> i love to look at him. >> look at his hat. i would put him on my christmas tree. [laughter] >> class act, huh? >> you can get your photos taken 500 times a day. you have to look good on the job. >> let me get a picture of my puppy. >> good sh
of those cars and went to get some of the papers out of the glove department. >> i don't know why you'd want to swim in those waters. who only knows what's down there. >> lots of videos from iraq of how much flooding and devastation from days and days of rain. >>> there's a plumber in colorado springs, colorado, that shows up and does work even if you don't want him to. >> the plumber is a little odd, though, because the plumber is a black bear. >> what is he working in there? >> this is a decorative pond. suddenly this bear started appearing and getting in their decorative pond as a cooling pool. >> he thought it was the reverse jacuz jacuzzi. instead of getting warm, he wanted to cool off. >> you can see this is a small little decorative pond. this black bear thought it's not quite big enough. there's some pesky little obstructions in there. i'm going to do some plumber work and maybe some electrical work and make this a better pool for myself. >> oh, my gosh, he's pulling the wire out. >> watch as he gets the entire thing. he pulls it out. >> that's funny. he's like this thing is t
until things calm down. find somewhere to go. don't risk it, because your car's not made to go through that much water. >>> the humane society of the unite went under cover at a wheatland, wyoming pig farm, and what they uncovered resulted in nine arrests. now, i want to warn you, this video i'm about to show you has some very disturbing images. this video was taken at wyoming premium farm. filthy conditions, neglect. pigs in tiny cages where they don't have room to move around for weeks on end. now, this plant supplies big-name companies. >> oh, this is so heartbreaking. >> this sow has a broken leg and watch what somebody does. they put pressure on that broken limb, even though that pig is having a hard time walking. as you can see there, they're throwing pigs around. he's treating that pig like a rag doll. tossing them around like they're sacks is of flour. this video was secretly recorded in april, and was released in may, caused a lot of controversy, as i'm sure everyone would expect, but recently nine people were arrested on animal cruelty charges. dr. jason hawker is with the an
happened exactly, we don't know. we're in the very early stages of the investigation. we do have a couple of people detained and we have the weapon involved in custody. >> reporter: there were surveillance cameras inside the garage. police are working to look at that video. officers say not too many people heard the gunshots so they are looking for additional witnesses. at this point, police say there are no outstanding suspects because they believe they have who is responsible detained. detectives plan to be out here processing the scone for the next couple of hours. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. >>> there are new developments today in efforts to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff at midnight. president obama addressed the nation and said a resolution is within sight. kyla campbell joins us from washington with the issues that still remain unresolved good afternoon, kyla. >> reporter: david, i just got off the phone with senate officials and they say there's no word yet on a possible vote today. with the hours ticking away, president obama c
. >> why -- why -- why mess with a manhole cover? >> i don't know. what's interesting to me, when i think of a manhole cover i think of like methane gas and gases coming out of there, but i wouldn't put a flame or whatever she put on top of it, because it looked like before it exploded, it looked like it seared up and then, boom, and she is tossed over there by that car. you could see her laying on the ground. >> did this kill her? >> it did not kill her. she was hospitalized. she survived. >> don't mess with manhole covers. >> never mind don't meps with manhole covers. somebody ought to figure out why there's so much explosive material underground. sewers aren't supposed to be a bomb under our feet. i like to think our waste is being removed from where i last put it. >>> this is video of shoppers at the ardent fair mall running for cover. it happened wednesday afternoon. shoppers thought they heard gunshots coming from a fight in the mall's food court. the crowd started running in a panic. police say there was no shooting and no one with a gun, but there was a fight involving about 20 pe
, freaking them out when they don't expect it. >> they don't expect frosty to move around. >> at one point the cameraman says, can you fix this for me? >> they still are surprised. i love this couple. tells you a lot about their relationship. >> bailed on her, left her to the snowman. >> pushed her toward it. >> protect your woman. >> he's not going to take a bullet for you, honey. i love this one in slow motion. >> i love when this little kid comes up to him. >> he was nice to the little guy. >> see, this is why we like rich. >> just be nice to the little ones. >> need to send a belated christmas gift? we have just the thing. >> hello and welcome to fart by mail. >> how you can let one rip miles away. >> home alone doggie style. >> i love these fun toys that come out once a year. >> see what the >>> just in time for christmas, the perfect way to tell someone special they are, in fact, special to you. >> hello and welcome to fart by mail. >> did i hear him say fart by mail? this is a new way to let someone know they are important to you. you can send them flatulence by mail. >> like an act
connection here? anybody playing to be with these girls? >> no. that's what i know. i don't really know. >> reporter: we discovered the receipt at cafe juliet. much like quan, we found lawrence duncan was reimbursed for thousands of dollars public money spent at exclusive hotels overseas suchs such as in china. duncan made repeat visits to the international club a restaurant and massage parlor in china. shouldn't the port already known about these expenses? >> it's a mixture of shock and dismay. >> reporter: the now sights an ongoing investigation. >> we're going to get to the bottom. >> reporter: that is the answer the port spokesman gave to almost every one of our questions. why would the port approve of these expenses? >> this is all part of the investigation. we're going to get to the bottom of the matter. >> they're doing this because they can get away with it. >> reporter: marvin brown is a professor of business ethics and author of a book called "corporate integrity." he says changing the culture goes beyond putting an executive on paid leave. >> what these events tell us is
missed and don't plan on missing any more. >> i'm just so happy to be back with him and i, i'm not going to let him go ever. >> reporter: looks like to see your daddy again or your husband after a separation of a year or 18 months that's just about as close to pure happiness as it gets. >> still to come on a second look, from world war ii to vietnam, the men who put themselves on harm's way to give the troops a little bit of home while away. bob hope. >> and -- >>> tonight we take a second look at troops serving during the holidays. bob hope visited the troops in 2003. we remember bob hope's entertaining the troops. >> reporter: it's hard to believe bob hope was nearly 73 years old when he first entertained the troops in 2003. >> we present the bob hope show. >> thank you, how do you do ladies and gentlemen. this is bob mosquito network hope. >> reporter: and nearly 90 when he entertained troops in the first gulf war. it was his passion. >> it's a thrill to be here in korea. nice to be here at oncave. very happy to be back here. >> happy to be here, i don't know where we are but i'm hap
with lights. the brighton council said we don't have anything to do with the lights. it's a joke. it's not real, but it's giving us a high-profile. >> hold on a second. just so i'm clear, the joke is the edited video. this does not exist. this never was reality. >> this is not reality. you are looking at edited video. >> now i'm disappointed. i thought that would be really dang funny. >> two students set out to conduct a survey and then dropped this. >> whoa. >> see how the mistletoe tradition still holds strong. and some dudes take on a challenge. >> that's gross. awful. >> think about how thick that is. >> why eggnog and >> are y'all ready for a christmas time prank? >> yup. >> i have one for you. nate and kaitlyn at byu decided to pull a mistletoe prank. >> a survey, five questions about christmas. >> do you drink eggnog. >> put up christmas lights. >> do the mistletoe tradition. >> we're trying to see if these students will kiss under the mistletoe. >> yeah. >> whoa. >> oh, wow. perfect strangers. >> that's super convenient because, yeah, mistletoe. >> that's funny. you're standi
dance for his friends. >> i don't know why he's dancing on the bonfire. >> but we do know why that was a really bad idea. >>> and the story behind a woman's emotional homecoming. ♪ how a flash mob brought joy to her world. >>> four grinches tried to steal the christmas of an oklahoma city family. it was all caught on surveillance camera. it all started with the blue sedan that you see crossing in front of their house. the family later learned this blue sedan was basically casing the joint. there were four people inside of this car. through this camera you can see one of the guys breaking in the back door. you can see mr. saggy pants here taking high-priced items. they also stole a gun from inside the house. but watch what they do next. they go under the whalen family christmas tree, and they start ripping open the presents. beyond that, they then throw the christmas tree down on the ground, making a mess. and then they flee from the house. >> they flee like rats. >> we think they ran away because they heard the noise of the family coming back in. then the heartbreaking part,
up your purchase if you don't have a receipt. if one can't be found you will get the lowest price that item sold for in the last month. kohl's return any item at any time. after a year, cash or credit for your return. over a year, no cash return,. >> reporter: reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> dozens of children got an unexpected visit from santa claus today with a little help from san francisco firefighters. >> merry christmas. >> crews went to the tenderloin area to share some of the toys that had been donated throughout the year. along with organized give aways crews say they like to go out into the neighborhoods on christmas day hoping to put a smile on some young faces. >> now we're really finding the kids who need them the most because they haven't applied they don't know about our toy program. so we're going around to different neighborhoods, different playgrounds and we're going to find kids without toys and drop them off and be on our way. >> the toy program has started about 15 years ago and has grown ever since. >>> some chilling new dev
that just really need the toys the most. i really don't know what christmas is about or maybe they've forgotten a christmas day and they get a toy from a firefighters. all of a sudden they have a bike, a toy, a doll. >> reporter: organizers say this toy program started 60 years ago and has grown every year since. >>> the u.s. postal service estimates it will handle 18 billion pieces of mail during this holiday season but as robert honda roberts those last minute gifts encards -- gifts and cards get delivered by some very special volunteers on christmas day. >> reporter: it's not exactly santa's sleigh but some san jose postal service workers hit the road christmas day to deliver last minute christmas gifts. >> merry christmas. the postal service delivers on christmas day. >> this is awesome. i can't believe you're here. thank you so much. >> this is what makes it worthwhile. when people are home like this and they are surprised and they're happy i like the surprise of it the most. >> reporter: the delivery day started early at this postal facility where nancy ray and several other
deaths. supporters have argued that the school shooting in connecticut shows gun laws don't work. >>> a bay area video game company is being criticized for its marketing partnership with makers of guns used in a popular game. a story said when ea of redwood released it's latest medal of honor game it created a website featuring its gun making partners. the links the site led to the company's online catalogs. one critic called it a showroom for guns. ea later disabled the links saying had been unaware of them. >>> you can now go online to see the names of five thousand expelled from the boy scouts due to suspected sexual abuse. the los angeles times published the database which goes from 1947 to 1991. bay area reports come from san francisco, san jose, piedmont and san rafael. awareness has increased over the years but said the scouts failed to report many allegations to police and the public. they kept that record of suspected abusers to prevent them from rejoining. >>> optimism is dimming among lawmakers that they can reach a fiscal cliff agreement before the deadline. the presi
p >>> hell>>> hello, ev troutman. we find we find the best videos so you don't have to. let's get started. "right this minute." >>> it's a dangerous combination. a man, a dog and -- >> thin ice. >> see what it took to pull off one dicey rescue. >>> new video as a car is trapped by a tornado. >> in front of the car is a fallen tree and behind the car is a fallen tree. >> hear about the terrifying odyssey of the family inside. >> we got caught up in the middle and the car swirled, literally swirled. >>> a talented musical theater student is granted -- >> a stalking order against her parents. >> hear what led to the unusual ruling. >> that just seems odd! >> and some remote control plane videos catch the eye of -- >> the prince of dubai. >> how it earned one man a trip with all the royal treatment. >>> we are all very aware of the dangers of thin ice, but dogs don't know the difference. this video is from wxyz and huron river where it meets lake erie. we've got a dog in distress. jim swayze is the owner of this dog and jim takes his four hounds out for a walk every day. this day one
that you could pursue a criminal if you don't have a police department, if people are having a fight, who will moderate that? >> let's hope the story behind this, that we are given is accurate that this is not just a video that somebody uploaded to intimidate other citizens. >>> so far in 2012, indonesia has had 120 volcanos erupt. this one erupted the other day. as you can see, there's ash and smoke coming from this puppy. >> it's just this enormous cloud of ash. then the fire and then the sounds that go with it. you can probably even feel it. >> the sky is blue until that volcano starts spewing, and then it turns gray. then you see volcano, ash, don't get too close. >> you don't see anything hot and molten like you would see in hawaii. this one you just see ash. what's interesting to see is the volcanic rock and the ash flow to the sea which was about two kilometers from where this whole thing went up. >> it almost looks alive. it looks like it's just literally a giant beast. >> like a big smoke monster. >> yeah, like a slow beast or blob come together community to take it over. if you
frustrated but then i thought, to make me safer i don't mind going slow. >> it's my first time in the snow. i'm a excited and scared i might slip and hit something. >> reporter: crews at times put a stop on traffic. >> i don't mind the snow, we've been on the road since 6:00 this morning and it's supposed to only take us 10 hours to get to reno. >> reporter: we've been stuck for an hour 1-1/2 or so. kind of sucks but oh well, i have to get home and work tomorrow. >> it's kind of scary but yet you know it's different, it's a white christmas for us. something different for us. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a wedding ring lost in the sierra snow has been found. but now the question is how to find the owner. a snow chain installer working on interstate 80 found the ring in the snow. douglas benedeti says he saw a man looking for the ring off the shoulder of the roadway. the man told benedeti had lost his ring and decided to look for it. he looked for it with his led light. >> i scooped it up and looked at it. once i saw lisa's name i knew i had the right ring. >>> it's been a rainy day ov
the holiday meal. it's a little busy. we don't want to distract them. let's show you the video. people in the community donated 400 hams that will be cooked this morning along with all of the other trimmings for the traditional christmas meal. in and helping them serve the meal will be coaches and members of the military team. >> for these guys to have the military team here, it's a real connection. >> reporter: this is just the first round of volunteers packing up these gift bags. this isn't even all of the scarfs and hats that they have. there is an entire truckload of bags like this outside waiting to be brought in. but the volunteers are still working on putting these gift bags together. again, 4,000 of them will go out to all of the 4,000 people expected to get a christmas meal. the navy football players in town for the caste bowl will help out the volunteers by cooking the christmas meals who come in today. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> looks very busy. >>> netflix says many customers are still experiencing problems with its video streaming service.
service until 3:00 in the morning. definitely don't drink and drive you have no excuse. let's take a look at highway 4. you can see the headlights are westbound traffic toward concord and up to 680. we have quite a bit more folks on the roadways. we don't have any delays to speak of and we don't expect the metering lights to go on. 680 near the sunol grade you can see traffic there looking good. 6:09. steve. >>> tara. >> you have any words you want to band for 2013? >> no. but right now you're trending. >> i don't know what that means. >> you're popular. mostly fair. a cold morning. i think about the same tomorrow. the pattern is changing. after a very, very active november-december rain wise cold. it looks like we are going quiet for awhile. maybe the first couple weeks of january. there is really not much in the way of rain. part goes south. part goes north. although every system including last friday night and saturday morning did produce rain. 29 santa rosa. 49 oakland. 43 san francisco. 33 san jose. now i just looked about nine temperatures around liver moan. 32-39. 31 concord. 33 sa
this steep side. >> i don't know if it was the high tide that caused the accident. we're trying to get information out to the public, know your tides, know your limits and go out there with a good plan. >> reporter: investigators say at least one other person was with the victims and was able to get out of the surf and call 911. it's not clear how long they were in the water. around the same time of the emergency we heard from surfers about the surf conditions. >> some people went out there and got some beer in the face but they got out okay. >> reporter: their coast guards made 70 saves rescuing penal -- rescuing people out of the water this year alone. investigators will investigate what happened in this case. >>> we're back on storm watch tonight after a dry day yesterday. here's a live lo at the golden gate bridge. you can see the rain has already moved back in leaving rain drops on our camera and dampening the roadway on the golden gate bridge. we want to check in with mark tamayo. rain is spreading out beyond the bay area. >> the storm is approaching, just be extra careful once a
secure embassies in areas where you essential don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassy. >> on september 11th of this year, terrorists ambushed and quilled u.s. ambassador slit -- killed u.s. ambassador, and an attack in taniesia days later. >>> after they disappeared thursday, and 19 shiat pilgrim's died after a dommer ramed a car into the -- bomber rammed. the blast injured 25 other people, several of them critical. >> in india today, protests continued in the nation's capital following the death of a woman who was gang raped and beaten on a new deli bus. the woman who has not been identified was cremated in a private sorry money. her body was returned from siveng -- ceremony. prime minister was on hand to meet the special heir in the light carrying her body. the 6 men arrested in connection with the crime are now facing murder charges. >> and in china today, preparations are underway for the unyou'll ice and snow -- ann usa ice and no festival. performars are getty ready for -- per mommers are getting ready. with more than two thnd2,000 sculpt
:13. yet again the country is waking up to news that lawmakers in washington, d.c. still don't have a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. kyla campbell reports we are just hours away from automatic tax increases and government spending cuts. >> reporter: frustration is hitting a speak this morning after talking stalled last night. the house and senate will get back to work over the next few hours. senators have been trying to come up with a deal but with no luck. new mitch mcconnell is negotiating with vice president joe biden. if political leaders can not come up with a plan by midnight tonight tax rates for all americans will increase. >> if there is an ultimate compromise, there will be parts of it i find disgusting and rep hencable which i may have to swallow in the name of finding a compromise. >> reporter: how will this effect you come tomorrow morning? if there is not a deal reach there won't be a drastic change in your next paychecks. if this plays out long-term the average american middle class family stands to lose out on $2,000 to $3,000 over the next year due to the increased taxes
. the fight continues. >> it's cold outside. why are they fighting? >> i don't know. looks like one is pulling the other one's hair. this fight gets dramatic. one girl gets into that silver car. the other one has a stick or something. looks like she's trying to bang out the head lights and she's successful. notice that, the girl in the car almost hits the girl that banged out the headlight. skchl. >> looks like the silver car is up on the sidewalk and crashing into other cars trying to get away from this person. >> close. what happened is this car backs up, turns around and starts driving on the sidewalk. in the process, it nearly hits the girl again and takes out a parking meter. the university of wisconsin student who caught the fight on video talked to wisn about the whole incident. >> clearly when the car started going in the sidewalk, that's where things just started getting out of control, trying to take shots at the person outside the vehicle. then wiping out the parking meter over there. it's pretty intense. it's not something you see every day for sure. >> there's police here now. did
the fiscal cliff. if lawmakers don't reach a solution by midnight tonight, east coast time, income tax rates will increase for all americans. coming up at 7:15, the two key players who are now in charge of negotiating a last-minute deal. >>> time now, 7:03. grocery stores and other stores in alameda county who sell food and alcohol won't be able to give you plastic bag. in place of the single use bags, stores can use paper or reusable bags but will have to charge you at coast a -- at least a dime per bag. those who collect food stamp the won't have to pay -- stamps won't have to pay. >>> minimum wage goes up to 10.55 tomorrow. university of kentucky economists say that's hurting the youngest members of the work force because employers don't want to pay teenagers more than $10 plus benefits to get their first jobs. >>> just over an hour ago, millions of people in sydney, australia, rang in 2013. [ cheers ] >> crowds gathered to watch the skyline explode with fireworks. 1.5million people were expected to be at the celebration with millions more watching on tv from home. [ cheers ] and people i
of government. >> they are on vacation, doing whatever they are doing. they don't care. >> i just don't think they will ever come to an agreement. both parties are so far apart that there is no common ground. >> reporter: if you make between 50-60,000 deal, taxes go up $92 per bye-weekly pay check. most employers will wait for the irs and will continue to deduct at the current rate. >> supposed to be pub luck servants and we can't get a compromise going. what is the right term? >> a lot of times it seems you are not being represented. you have interests over riding the people's concerns. that is an example of what happens in congress. >> the lowest income folks' check will shrink by 3%. top earners 6%. that says nothing of loss deductions or other unknowns. >> political parties need to stop looking at their platforms and look at what is best for americas. >> reporter: coming at 6:00 p.m., the anger factor. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> on wall street today stocks fell for a fourth straight day. the dow is down 18 to 13,096. the nasdaq is down 4 at 2,985. the s&p is down
, we don't have too much traffic but you can see people again are headed into san francisco. your commute looks pretty good. finally 680 in sunole, this is the sunole grade in fremont and southbound is looking good. 5:15 here is rosemary orozco. >>> waking up a little foggy but no rain is falling and we are done with that system. the winds as well have died and gone away and we have calm conditions. fairfield is 10 miles per hour and with clear skies overhead, we are a lot colder this morning and we have fog developing in some areas. temperatures right now, we have 40s around the bay, 47 in fso, 40 in concord, several degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago at this time, 38 in napa, 30 degrees 39 in novato. so again, the system is moving out and we have a few scattered showers this morning and by tomorrow another system is moving in. we'll see some rain or we have anywhere from an inch to a quarter inch of rain and if you are planning this, a winter storm watch has been set up by the national weather service and that will move into place as well. so here we are, just a litt
yeah, just... i don't know if the frosting is load-bearing. what? you know what, man? thank you. i appreciate it. it looks really beautiful. danny, does it remind you of your broken home? listen, is anybody else sick of this christmas music? can we just do some-- just karaoke? oh, doc, that only plays music in espaÑol. [ritchie valens' la bamba plays] oh, perfect. or should i say, perfecto? whoa. ♪ para bailar la bamba let's go. ♪ para bailar la bamba ♪ se necesita un poquito de gracia ♪ everybody dance. ♪ un poquito de gracia y otra cosita ♪ ♪ y arriba y arriba ♪ y arriba y arriba ♪ ♪ por ti sere, por ti sere, por ti sere ♪ come on, everybody! ♪ bamba, bamba everybody! ♪ bamba, bamba that's right. ♪ bamba, bamba (man) go to bed. >>> with music, a congregation reunites. we speak to a mother who was shot while shielding her children. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. we speak to the mother who was struck by gunfire while shielding her children. we speak to eric rasmussen who spoke to the mother. >> reporter: we're talking about a moth
. stores may offer store credit if you don't have a receipt, or might turn you away completely. the better business bureau is warning holiday shoppers to check their credit card statements for potential post- christmas shockers. extra charges have popped up on statements in christmases past. "additional things put on the bill, problems with skimming, skimming of credit card numbers, and unauthorized usage of them. it's very dangerous. you have to check your credit card statements regularly." tom joyce of the bbb demonstrates how a credit card sleeve blocks signals from skimming devices that electronically pick up information from your card. if you notice unfamiliar purchases on your bill, the bbb recommends contacting the retailer or your bank as soon as possible to challenge the charges. invnvtment banks are powering down their stake in the energy business. energy was once a popular investment on wall street. in 2008, big banks were so involved in the market that banks powered an estimated 2 out of every 5 residential customers. however, lower prices and more regulation following the enro
charities products they don't understand?" and "are you betting against clients?" the answer to all those questions is yes, and unfortunately there has been an element of character assassination going on. > > other than what you wrote in the book about goldman sachs, what else did you want people to know? i know for one thing, this is a firm that is shrouded in secrecy. > > yes, and that's one of the reasons i wrote the book. goldman is a very mysterious place, so i wanted to, in a certain extent, pull back the curtain and show people how goldman and wall street make money - and not just the bad things, the good things and the bad things, because there's certainly a value of wall street to society. but i think if there was one or two messages i would like to leave with your viewer, the one is, there seems to be a perception that the financial crisis, the problems that led up to it, have been fixed. i would like your viewers to know that less than 1/3 of the legislation has been passed, and more than 3/4 of the deadlines have been missed, and frankly, wall street has spent $300 million lob
the time for holiday shopping is short. >> well, obviously it's not keeping us away. [ laughter ] we don't mind it. >> well, with the last bit of daylight we have here, you can see the line between the clouds and blu skies over the coming up next we arrived at treasure island about 5:00 and that is the time that the primary part of the storm morphed south of here. on treasure island, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> from ken we'll go to the north bay where debora villalon has been monitoring conditions there and a sinkhole that opened up earlier today. >> reporter: that is right, sewn ♪ [ music ] ♪ marin, napa all counties battered hard by the wind and the rain. and we're looking at one of the after-effects a sinkhole that closed a road here. road crews spent several hours getting stoney point road patched, where it intersected madron road. they just don't trust stoney point from collapsing completely. already the 4' culvert under the roll has failed on both sides and water has erode the soil around and under, it creating the sinkhole about 10' deep. the culvert was already fa
. >> every year they say they will fix but they never do. i don't know why. >> reporter: the water crested over near university avenue and woodland. this morning they were out surveying the creek and some owners -- some homeowners were out trying to protect their properties with sandbags. >> tomorrow we will probably have the same problem. >> back out here live, you can see city and county officials also representatives from the state office of emergency services. >> reporter: they are all out here trying to come up with a temporary solution to fix where this levee is unsteady and they plan on bringing heavy equipment sometime today to fix this problem. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is on skyline boulevard and pinehurst road. the mudslide left quite a bit of debris including roxanne tree branches -- rocks and tree branches. this eucalyptus tree was ripped out of the ground at a condo development and nobody was injured but one of the cars were totaled and the other was seriously damaged. >>> we should let you know one of the post offices in the area just clos
travelers. high winds would delay flights and they could get a few more inches. >>> bay area officials don't want you burning wood in your fire place. no spare the air is in effect. but there's concern that the pollution could be built up. >>> 7:19 now. the rain-soaked bay area will get a small break after a very stormy weekend but not for long. rosemary orozco will tell us when the rain is expected to return. >>> if you lost your home to foreclosure, you may be entitled to some money. the settlement that's been divvied up. >>> and here's a look at the macarthur maze. we'll tell you what the bay bridge toll plaza is looking like -- coming up. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news and "mornings on 2." it's now 7:21. pg&e is offering $550 million in the deadly san bruno explosion. the san francisco chronicle reports the money would pay for state regulatory charges. but the utility will not admit to safety breaches, fearing a criminal charge. so gust and consumer groups turned down the deal. eight people died. 38 homes were destroyed in the s&p 28th explosion -- september 28th e
now are the charges and i don't think i have very much to say yet. >> now five other people have also pleaded not guilty in the case. one of them tyler miller, had her bail increased today from 15,000 to 50,000 dollars. >>> police say the defendants knew the victims. >>> well steve paulson is up in a few minutes. >> i am kyla campbell in washington, d.c. happening right now the president is meeting with congressional leaders about the fiscal cliff. what other lawmakers are saying about the lack pouf of progress on a deal. >> steve paulson will be up in a few minutes to tell you about the light rain moving this way and what you can expect in your neighborhood over the weekend. >>> 100 years of muni, we will show you footage from the early days. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a
into the swipe of things. plus, could a tumble off the fiscal cliff hurt the markets? one trader says don't fall for the hype. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, december 28th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: watch your neck. the market is a head-turner. yesterday the dow dropped more than 100 points on word out of washington a resolution to the fiscal cliff was unlikely. but president obama returned early from vacation and is said to have a new proposal to offer congress, sparking a rally that left the dow down just 19 points. reports are swirling apple is moving production of its mac mini computers to foxconn plants in the u.s. apple may also be working on a smart watch. and, the new york stock exchange landed the most ipo for 2012. larry levin of trading advantage joins us now. larry, it feels like we are already hanging off that cliff. > > it definitely feels that way. everybody is obviously watching for some kind of news out of washington. that is what has moved the market eve
derail many of the benefit prop 30 could have meant for the state. >> i don't know if there is a word to describe how mad the public will be. nobody will be happy to see that happen. >> if taxes go up it is not going to be a happy time. i think that is what is going to happen. >> reporter: the lowest income folks will see their pay shrink by 3.5%. average earners 4%. top earners 6%. that says nothing about other unknowns. >> we will be very angry. it will hit the people -- if you are on top you are on top but the middle and the working class are going to be effected. >> very angry. this life, i mean, we have to succeed. >> reporter: add to that 2,100,000 more americans on unemployment benefits who will be cut off january 1. >> our political parties hurt the american people. >> reporter: no one, no one will be exempt. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> americans bought new homes last month at the fastest pace in 2-1/2 years. sales of new homes road 4.5% to $377,000. that is the fastest pace since april 2010. stable job gains and low mortgage rates are reasons for the r
for live crab in san francisco could drop to $3.50 a pound by early next week. >> don't get crabby about the traffic. i can't believe i just said that. >> nice segue claudine. >>> we will head outside and take a look at what is going on with the roadway. right now it doesn't seem to be much. we have a couple stalled cars here and there. this is the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic on the right hand side there. finally 237 milpitas the brake lights are westbound traffic. here is steve. >>> thank you. a very good morning. our system is coming in. cloud cover has a lot of cold air with them. i think it's more of a colder system than rainy-- rainy system. cloudy to mostly cloudy. some of the temperatures already are in the 30s. they will be hard pressed to warm up. some rain develops. again those favoring closer to the coast and north bay snow level around 2500-3,000 feet. 35 livermore. san jose 37. tahoe was two below last hour. now they are one. >> by this afternoon and evening spins in very light rain. again the farther west better opportunity. farther east no. this will not be a b
caused spin outs and many travelers were sick of the delays. >> i don't mind all the snow but we have been on the road from 16:00 a.m. both were closed eastbound and westbound and right now chains are required all the way to the nevada border. >>> we are learning more about the death of a ski patrol person. 53-year-old bill foster and other members had set off explosives to trigger the avalanche but it broke wider than expected, burying foster in the snow. he was one of their most experienced skiers with more than 28. the search team found her in a forest on monday. the woman was attending a religious conference but at some point sunday night she became disoriented and got lost walking in the woods. she was only suffering from minor injuries. >>> friends say theresa cordova was trying to shield her children as bullets came through the walls of the bethel church monday night. they spoke about her events. >> she was trying to protect the children and that's why the bullets did not hurt her. >> she is expected to recover. a man outside the church is also in stable condition. witnesses sa
. they will be at the union square restaurant and you don't even have to get out of your car. cab drivers will also pick up your donation for free. >>> you will see sal castaneda out there and he has done that event in the past. i forgot to ask him. sal castaneda is off today, maybe he is out there, here is tara moriarty. >>> we have a crash near caesar chavez, want you to be aware of that. on the off ramp, a car is in the process of being moved over to the shoulder. let's take a look outside, you can see traffic is moving nicely into san francisco right now and at the golden gate bridge, same story, there is a little bit of condensation making your way into the city and finally 280 at the 880 split, traffic is flowing nicely in all directions, here is more. >>> no rain in store for your monday. that storm that passed through yesterday, they are causing all kinds of trouble and they still have trouble through the area where there is a flood watch in the area. minor flooding is going on there as well as in reyes. you can -- in areas to the south. this is the next system that will come in on christmas day. i
. >> it's all right. i don't mind the snow. i just -- we have been on the road since six. >> there were delays of at least two hours with chain controls extending further down the mountain. travel delays are likely today as well. >>> a family fight turns no a stabbing. a woman stabbed four in alameda. we are live where the crime happened just hours ago. >> reporter: four people, members of the same family were taken to the hospital here after they were stabbed by a relative and it happened inside one of the units this units. one of those victims was transported to the hospital. a sergeant on scene said this started as a fight between two sisters. the woman who lives in the apartment parenty started stabbing her sister over visiting at the time. three other family members were also stabbed trying to break up the fight between the two. one of those victims was a teen girl, 14. i have called police, nobody has been able to give me updated information on conditions of those four stabbing victims. a sergeant on scene last night said that the woman who carried out the stabbing has been taken
shooting a man was shot and killed just before 8:30 last night. police don't know what led up to the shooting and they are still investigating a motive. >>> meanwhile thousands of morses are expected to walk off the job in the bay area -- thousands of nurses are expected to walk off the job in the bay area. they are striking over staffing levels and benefits and pick kitting is expected to -- picketing is expected to start at 7:00 a.m. >>> they are holding their christmas eve annual toy drive. here is a live look inside, they are coffee motion instead of a bear mug -- coffee mugs instead of a beer mug. you don't even have to get out of your car, somebody will pick up your donations from the sidewalk. if you are already in san francisco, cab drivers will also pick up your donation for free. >>> they are searching a special christmas eve breakfast and breakfast starts in about a half hour. prime rib is on the menu today and more than 1,000 people are expected for both breakfast and lunch. >>> and curbside donation drive, the foundation is still hoping to reach its goal to colle
and we are a part of theirs. so it is a big deal for those who don't have places to go, they can come here and spend time with us and it is a lot of fun. >> the representative tells me many of the volunteers will begin arriving just after 6:00 to stop preparing those meals and they will start getting those meals prepared and breakfast served, that will be hadn't and they will do a christmas -- will be ham and they will do a christmas carol. it is all right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> they are making sure they can still enjoy the holidays and many volunteers will help the salvation army deliver warm wheels. 4300 warm meals will be packaged and brought to seniors living alone. this delivery program is nearly a half century hold and volunteers began working with this program 20 years ago. >>> local transit agencies such as bart muni and cal trans, businesses are closed along with parks and offices. >> 5:07, we are moving right along, kids are getting up and it is such an exciting morning. >> we do have traffic to talk about in marin county especially, tara? >>> this is a two
pronounced dead. >> it is very difficult. people get up to put out fires and they don't expect to be shot and killed. >> the shooting prevented firefighter said from knocking -- firefighters from knocking down the flames. the fire destroyed 7 homes. investigators say the community is no longer in danger. the gunman killed himself on the scene, he had a lengthy criminal record. >> in 1980 he was charged for killing his grandmother. >> reporter: word of the violence spread quickly through the town. >> i have lived here my entire life, you never imagine something like that happening. >> the timing of the tragedy is not lost on anyone. >> fireman going in to help and this type of outcome where now they will have the holidays, you know, family isn't going to have them, devastating. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >> the shootings hit home for firefighters here in the bay area. firefighters everywhere know the bond between those who live together, fight fires together. and that it is hard to believe someone would open fire on someone that has come to help them. >> just not something you exp
. >> they will exchange it or they usually give you a store credit if i don't want it. >> other people say instead of trading something they don't want give it to charity. >>> these are pictures of the dolphin after her send off in the marine islands. she was found mall your rushed and with a bite mark on her neck last month. she was transferred where after many weeks of treatment she was nursed back toth. >>> a dog became an international sensation. this dog appears to have beaten cancer but she needs more treatment for heart worm before her face wound can be closed. she lost her snout when she threw herself in front of a motorcycle to save two young girls in the philippines. i understand it is very shrill are you so give yourself some extra time because we are going slowly. you can traffic there, they are the headlights as you head towards northbound in santa clara and in fremont you can see the same story, it is definitely wet thought but traffic seems to be moving along quite nicely. 6:26 here is mark. >>> we have been tracking showers and coverage has been increasing over the past hour. it is
of new and existing homes showing a spike, don't expect a big housing boom like the one we saw just a few years ago. maurizio fiori is hoping to buy a home in 2013. he's looking to move his growing family out of their chicago apartment and into their very own home. 'i've been scouring the internet, and talking to agents and mls and all the sites almost daily.' a former trader, fiori holds stakes in a diversified portfolio of successful small businesses, including a wine importing company and a craft brewer. in 2006, before the worst of the financial crisis hit, many banks would have been bending over backwards to lend him lots of money at exotic terms. today, even though he's willing to put up 30-40% of his cash on a down payment, bankers aren't exactly lining up to lend to him - or to anyone else for that matter. 'basically, the only good candidates for a loan are people who do not need a loan to begin with.' 'well, unfortunately things have gotten a little tighter in mortgage lending.' in his work helping homebuyers find financing, michael mcauliffe has seen the mortgage process change
of these secrets you don't have to keep inside anymore. >> speaking out. the victim of sexual abuse in the boy scouts reacts to the files the boy scouts kept hidden that are now reveal. >> more secret files accused of troop abuse come to light. including dozens from the bay area. one man's story of what happened to him during boy scout camp. >> reporter: we're talking about 1200 secret files obtained by "the l.a. times." we dug through the data, and found at least 88 files involving troop leaders right here in this region from santa cruz all the way up to fort bragg. each one detailing allegations of sexual abuse. josh solomon showed us the boy scout uniform he wore. merit badges for learning how to canoe, and cook. each also memories of abuse. >> hard to separate everything out there. >> reporter: one patch marks the camp where it happened. between 1982 and 1983. he says the scout leader would invite solomon into his tent, and sexually molest him. >> he was a leader. you sort of made sure you were doing things his way. he was really gruff. you wanted his approval. >> reporter: solomon kept si
for the afternoon. for most of us the main story at this hour will be how chilly it is. hopefully you don't have any place to go. 43nevado, 44 mountain view, 43 san jose, as we head to the north we are looking at 39 degrees, 43nevado. it's the wind that's making us feel a lot colder out there. winds set to 15 miles an hour in fairfield. 10 in oakland. 25 gusts reported at half moon bay. in a nut shell your showers are sliding south. cool temperatures in store for the afternoon. snow levels low this morning but will eventually be climbing up. moisture out of here any way. take a look at afternoon highs, cool, 51 san rafael. 53 oakland. 53 haywood. down to the south temperatures will warm only to the low 50s. san jose, morgan hill, loss gatos. 54 in santa cruz. the text ended forecast will be partly cloudy by the afternoon. partly cloudy for sunday. we may see a few scattered showers in time for new year's. that rain forecast coming up. >> the first lawsuit may be in the works in the cop conschool shooting. a child's experience that is prompting the action. >> the actions of officials in india being
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